"I know there are a lot of stereotypes about the competitive nature of women in the business and I know that we can get caught up in those images of competition, but I love this idea of the power of “us” because that’s what we have in our cast as well. Not in this group are we competitive in any way. We’re all so different, and yet, what we share is an absolute commitment to celebrate each other and support each other and encourage each other on this crazy roller coaster life experience that we’re on. The women in the cast, Katie and Darby and Bellamy and myself, we have formed a sisterhood of women, each vastly different from one another, but we’ve all made this unspoken and sometimes spoken commitment to love one another and be there for one another and do whatever we can to help each other fulfill our calling and our destiny as artists and as women. That really has made us stronger as individuals and as a show. I find this to be one of the greatest gifts about having this opportunity." - Kerry Washington

undoingthelaces asked: "allison"

all of you

little miss

lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off



over and over

no air

cordeliafoxxy asked: "Jessica"


everybody loves me

smile like you mean it

slow ride

i won’t say i’m in love


ain’t no sunshine (when she’s gone)

acheshire asked: "IT'S "MIRIAM", BITCH. (playlist)"

miss atomic bomb

i dont like mondays

right beside you

i need some fine wine and you, you need to be nicer

ain’t to proud to beg

mustang sally

armalis asked: "SARA"

say something [x]

an irish party in third class [x]

reach for the stars [x]

anything could happen [x]

ladybols asked: "COLLEEN 8D"

can you feel the love tonight [x]

only if for a night [x]

leave me alone (im lonely) [x]

let her go [x]

eight easy steps [x]

edge of seventeen [x]

nothing compares to you [x]


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"You sacrificed yourself for me?"
"I love you."


"You expect me to jump off of this cliff?  Are you insane?"


"You expect me to jump off of this cliff?  Are you insane?"